Kitchen Trends

Trend 1: Sink Areas Finally Getting the Recognition They Deserve

2018 has produced some very pleasant new kitchen trends. One is sinks that serve multiple purposes and functions. Clients, especially those who like to entertain, are drawn toward trough sinks that can be used to chill wine or shellfish, grow herbs and function as a regular sink. Our clients appreciate the wow factor a trough sink has on a new kitchen, especially when the sinks are equipped with LED lights that change color.

The kitchen sink can be a design statement yet, too often, it is an afterthought. Sink sizes, shapes and available materials influence the overall look and feel of a new kitchen. Functionality is another consideration from the noise that results from running water or placing pots, pans and plates in the sink, to the ease of use. There are sinks today that function as complete workstations, providing another area in the kitchen for meal preparation, chopping, washing, serving and entertaining. And many of our customers, when asked if they want more than one sink in their new kitchen, respond with a resounding yes.

The kitchen faucet is the showpiece of the kitchen area and happens to be the most used appliance in the home. Manufacturers are making smart faucets that can be activated by apps, a wave of the hand or a tap of an elbow. Smart touch faucets are greatly appreciated by home cooks, especially bakers. Similar to a gorgeous outfit, accessories can make the sink area and kitchen more functional and beautiful. Instant hot and cold water, soap dispensers, air gaps, colanders, strainers, chopping boards, dish racks, drying mats and protective grates are among the numerous accessories to enhance the functionality, look and performance of a kitchen.

Trend 2: Innovative Lighting

Lighting sets the mood for any space and it certainly has come a long way in the kitchen. One of the hottest trends is integrated LED lighting in, above and below cabinets and drawers. Perched above cabinets, as well as hidden inside and under them, integrated kitchen lighting adds atmosphere, functionality and style to a kitchen. They’re a brilliant way to complete the look of your kitchen and get a better look at what you’re making for dinner.

Under cabinet lighting makes tasks easier and safer by delivering directed light to a specific area. Under cabinet lighting can provide task lighting for countertop food preparation and accent lighting to highlight countertops and backsplashes. Under cabinet lighting also helps to eliminate shadows making it easier to prepare meals. Additionally, under cabinet lighting helps to create unique looks by adding another layer of light and it’s extremely affordable.

Integrated cabinet lighting can showpiece dinnerware, collectables and objects d’art. Integrated cabinet and drawer lighting also makes organizing and finding what you are looking for much easier not to mention the wow factor that is achieve every time you open a drawer or door the interior of the space is illuminated.

Trend 3: Open Shelving

Open shelving provides numerous options. It’s functional, providing storage and organization to a kitchen. It contributes to the look and feel of the room, allowing our clients to express their personality by showcasing works of art, pottery, collectables, cookware, chinaware, glasses, plants, flowers, herbs and objects d’art.

Trend 4: Living Walls

Living walls create an art piece from sustainable vertical gardens indoors and outside as well. In the kitchen, you can install living walls that do not require watering, natural light, fertilizer or pruning. In addition to being exceptionally cool and visually stunning, vertical gardens help absorb sound, preventing conversations and acoustics from the kitchen from traveling to other rooms in the home.

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