Month: October 2015

Lenova Ozone Faucet

Lenova’s newest faucet “Aqualogic” is the first and only conventional hot and cold faucet in the U.S. to be a F.D.A. approved sanitizing faucet

Aqualogic features water air technology to infuse ozone into the water that creates Ozonized water. The water produced is safe to drink and will kill  99.99% of Viruses and bacteria on food, hands, counter tops and utensils. The Ozone concentration meets the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration.

I had a first hand demonstration of the features of this technology in the Lenova booth at the recent BKBG Conference in La Jolla Ca. A fresh cut clove of garlic was rubbed on my hand and then placed in the stream of ozonized water for ten seconds, removing any and all scents & oil of the fresh cut garlic from my hand. I could not believe it!

This will be a great addition to anyone’s kitchen that is concerned with Bacteria/Germs from your hands, utensils, cutting boards, counter tops and removal of pesticides from fresh fruits and vegetables. There will be one of these faucets in my Kitchen.

This small collection of faucets offered includes two styles, One large arch faucet with both hot and cold water and one smaller pull out faucet for cold water only. Both are offered in either Brushed nickel or Polished Chrome finishes. Faucets are available to order now and start at $975.00

More details to follow as soon as we have more information.